Announcement Date: 01/01/1915

During the First World War, in April, 1915, Watt Brothers is formed as a limited company – the name remains and the business continues today.

The business moved into the iconic store on the corner of Sauchiehall Street and Hope Street.

The business then traded in an age when department stores were designed as places where customers could revel in an atmosphere of luxury. Fashion was the company’s staple product – and its customers flocked to the store for the latest designs in everything from lingerie to ball gowns.

In an era when Glasgow housed no fewer than 40 department stores, 13 of them were located on Sauchiehall Street so competition for attracting customers was fierce.

Big-name stores such as Pettigrew and Stephens, Copeland and Lye, Daly’s and Hendersons competed with Watt Brothers on the prime retail location of Sauchiehall Street. Only Watt Brothers remains in business today.


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by Watt Brothers